Where to go birding


If you want to get some ideas of where to bird in Nevada County, go to our website and under the Activities menu, click on Birding, then Where to Go Birding. Or, click this link to go there directly: https://sierrafoothillsaudubon.org/activities/birding/places-to-bird-nevada-county/.

Here you have a map showing 22 locations stretching from the far western end of the county, to the high Sierra and east, nearly to the Nevada state line. To use the map, click on any of the red icons.

to display a list of target birds, a brief description of the habitat, how to bird the area, and directions to the site. You can also click on the square with the blue arrow in the upper left hand corner of the map to open a panel giving a complete list of all the locations.

There are lots of places to bird in Nevada County but this map will give you a good sample of some of the better birding venues in our area. Give it a try!

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