SFAS General Meeting

Steve Rose

April 2, 2024 @ 7:00 pm

Program: Owls of the Foothills Presented by Rudy Darling

Since prehistoric times, humans have been fascinated by owls. Because most of them are only active at night, many of us are unaware that there are many species that share the foothills with us – six confirmed breeding in Nevada County alone, with another three having been reported as well. This program will look at what makes owls special, how they can do what they do, and how to find them. It will then look at each of the eleven owl species that have been found in the SFAS area.

Rudy Darling has been a birder since 1963 and a member of the board of Sierra Foothills Audubon (SFAS) since 1998 and is currently its president. He is in charge of the Grass Valley Christmas Bird Count and their Bird-A-Thon fundraiser. He also leads several field trips each year for SFAS, specializing in owls and birding by ear and has taught classes on those interests for Sierra College adult education. He has been the Nevada County editor for North American Birds and eBird. He also has an interest in bird photography and illustrates his presentations with photographs he has taken. Formal training includes a BA in Biology (Antioch College, Yellow Springs, Ohio) and an MS in Ecology (U. of Minnesota, Minneapolis/St. Paul). 

Madelyn Helling Library Community Room, Nevada City
Doors open at 6:30 pm, program starts at 7:00.
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