The SFAS board meets every  January, March, May, September and December on the first Thursday.  There is also a day long retreat in July or August to review the past year and plan for the future.  All telephones are in 530 area code except where noted.


Red-tailed Hawk

SFAS Officers and Board Members

Rudy Darling
Rudy DarlingPresident
William Hall
William HallVice President
Steve Rose
Steve Rose
Don Rivenes
Don RivenesTreasurer, Conservation (GV)
Jim Groeser
Jim GroeserEducation (Nevada County)
Dale RubachField Trips
Dan Stewart
Dan StewartEducation Committee
Theresa M Thomas
Theresa M ThomasProgram Chairperson
Jane Hall
Jane HallPublicity
Patti DeLuca
Patti DeLucaSecretary
Heath Wakelee
Heath WakeleeYouth Scholarship Chair